Theme Ideas for Your Next Conference or Convention

Themes give events a central focus which help event planners tie everything together.  It is also a great way to give your corporate event some personality so that it is not just another generic conference or event.  Themes can help event professionals in the planning process, as it helps to narrow down food choices, decor and music.  If done well, it will also add a ‘fun’ element to any event and make it far more enjoyable and memorable for your attendees.

  1. – We Are the Future

This is a great idea for events where the audience is comprised of millennials or younger attendees, or perhaps when your conference is centred around tech of some kind.  Make everything about technology and cutting-edge ideas including;

* digital tickets or invitations

* the latest event apps

* futurist keynote speakers

* entertainment can include walkaround robots

* food might be edible mist (yes, it exists!)

* the latest photobooths and tweet walls for encouraging social media interaction

  1. – Back to Nature/Basics

The ideal event theme for corporate events and conferences that are hosted at country retreats, beachside resorts and relaxing spas.  Or perhaps for events that are centred round an organic product or wellness theme.  This theme could be all about wellness and going back to basics;

* invitations or tickets on recycled paper or other re-used materials

* food that’s raw, organic and locally sourced.

* Yoga classes or alternative therapies could be offered to attendees

* your event speakers might be mindfulness specialists or perhaps survival experts

* entertainment to include walkaround animal characters

  1. – Building a Business Together

This could be a fun and unique theme that centres around construction or buildings.  Picture an industrial look with scaffolding, hard hats and warning signs around your venue.  This theme offers many exciting opportunities for team building ideas and other  great options like;

* giveaways like customised lego packs

* food that is a modern take on the ‘greasy spoon/burger van’ option

* speakers could include property developers or building specialists

* entertainment like walkaround comedy construction workers

  1. – Making Life Better

A medical theme, this would be perfect for those attending a medical equipment or health sector event.  A great way to ‘inject’ some fun into the event; picture waiting staff in scrubs, handing out hors d’oeuvres with surgical instruments!  Other ideas for this theme could include;

* Invitations and tickets could be in a medical record style

* your speaker lineup should have pioneering medical experts or inspirational people

* walkaround acts could include a stilt walking nurse or doctor!

* aperitifs like Bloody Mary’s would add to theme!

  1. – Topical and Reactive Themes

React to what is going on in the entertainment world, sporting events or seasonal holidays.  During the 2016 Olympics all things Brazilian will have been popular, including Brazilian event themes and with Christmas fast approaching, winter themed events will be popular.  Show that you can be current, and up-to-date with a theme which reflects what is going on at the time of your event!