The Importance of Creating “Brand Me” in the Events Industry (and How To Do It).

People don’t do business with businesses, they do business with people.  So within the events industry you need your own recognisable brand.  If you think of the events industry it is not just the prominent businesses that spring to mind, so much as the people.  The industry movers and shakers who put themselves ‘out there’ and are always on social media commenting, connecting, posting and sharing their ideas and original content.  There are always ‘The Top 10 Most Influential People in Events” being posted in this or that magazine or publication and it is nearly always the same few names popping up time and again.  Why?  Because they have created a successful, recognisable brand of their very own within the events industry.  They have made waves, stood out and created their own ‘events’ community.

brand me

Why you need your own brand …

People are not loyal to businesses, they are loyal to brands.  Your brand is what you should stand for in the event industry, it’s what sets you apart from everyone else.  The UK event’s industry employs more than 530,000 people, and there are 25,000 thousand businesses in the sector.  That’s a lot of people.  So standing out from that sizeable crowd is going to put you, and ultimately your businesses, in good stead for the future.  When people think of the event industry, one of the names that should come to mind is yours.  Why are big companies like McDonald’s, Apple and Coca-Cola so successful?  Because they have a recognisable brand.  See golden arches and you think of burgers, see an apple logo and you think cutting-edge phones, must have tablets and good quality computers.  Coca-Cola have even hijacked Christmas (we’ve all heard the story about why Santa’s suit is red right?)!  So if your specialism is entertainment, event profs should think of you when they talk about it, need advice or want it.  If you are an expert in event apps, your name should instantly spring to mind.  You get the picture.

How to get started …

Decide your brand.  What do you stand for? Are you an event tech aficionado, a conference connoisseur or a gadget geek?  Know your speciality and become an expert (if you aren’t already!).  You want to become the go-to source that people think of when they want information, advice, the latest news or to hire event services.  Your goal should be to become the respected event guru that pops up on ‘most influential eventprof’ lists along with the likes of Kevin Jackson, Julius Solaris and Adam Parry!.  You also need to think about the long-term.  Creating your own brand within the event industry is not about increasing sales leads and boosting business, although that will be the end result.  It’s about exposure, gaining a name for yourself and creating a brand that is trusted and respected within the industry.  You have to think ahead.  Where will you be in a year’s time?  The more people that know and trust your ‘brand’, then the more business you will eventually create as a bonus.  You need to see the bigger picture and be in this for the long-haul.

brand me

Make yourself heard …

If you’re not already, get yourself on social media and start posting!  You need to pick and choose who you connect with, so decide who your audience is.  Creating your own brand requires a lot of socialising.  Online!  You want to use social media to create your own community.  Start conversations around your specialist topic.  Create a buzz about new products and post content that can be further shared and commented on.  You need to be very active on social media; posting, sharing, liking and getting to know your audience and what they like.  But NO SALES PITCHES!  Spammy, self promotion or sales posts are the biggest turn-off for your audience and will seriously stop you from winning them over.  Sell on social media at your peril!

Creating unique and meaningful content through blogging and guest blogging is a great way to become a leading authority within the industry, but don’t forget to share it with your audience!  Make sure your blogs don’t get lost in the sea of event industry posts that are already out there.  Write unique content that is interesting, controversial or thought-provoking.  You want eventprofs to read, comment and share your posts, so bear this in mind!  Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends to stay informed.  You could even predict what will be the next big thing with your industry know-how!  

Guest blogging is a great way to introduce yourself to other audiences and  established event businesses.  Commenting and writing guest posts for the event industry press is also extremely beneficial in creating and gaining exposure for your own brand.  In fact, any way you can get yourself ‘out there’ and heard!