What is the Talking Slides Platform?

The Talking Slides Platform is our own bespoke e-conference and virtual event platform, we have developed it over the past 8 years. Not only does it provide an excellent platform to view live streamed content, but it is also an amazing resource to view archived media on-demand. We call it “Catch-Up TV For Your Conference”.

Whilst it’s an incredibly easy platform for virtual viewers to use and navigate around, it has many advanced features allowing great opportunities for sponsors and lots of audience participation. Below you can find a quick resume highlighting some of the benefits of our platform.

The best way to learn more about our e-conference platform is to click here and arrange a demo. We would love to give you a virtual tour.

Below you will find a quick resume of some of the many features it offers. We do have numerous fact sheets available that will give a more in-depth overview of its many features. Please click here to request for these to be sent direct to you.


Every portal is custom designed

Whilst Talking Slides is built around an extremely flexible template design our team will work with you to ensure it is customised to follow your own branding. We can add and change colours, fonts, logos, buttons and other branding elements. Every site has its own unique feel - here are just a few examples:

“Our Talking Slides web portal whilst very easy to navigate is extremely feature rich.”

The Process & Content Creation

On the day(s) of your virtual conference, we will broadcast all content as per your conference programme. To your viewers, it will look and sound completely live, whether that be the case or it is pre-recorded and played ‘as-live’.

A live chairman will steer the meeting by introducing each of the recorded presentations. There is also an opportunity to pre-record the chairman should this be preferred.

Your virtual conference will be streamed to a dedicated and secure Talking Slides website of your own, that will be custom branded to suit your event/organisation. You simply need to promote your unique web address (yourevent.talkingslideshd.com) to prospective or invited delegates.

Q&A & Interactive Polling

At the end of each talk or session, we can incorporate live elements by way of Q&A and polling sessions. Presenters, chairman and panel will have the opportunity to meet in a fully supported virtual meeting room, whilst our technicians’ video mix from the recorded content to the live Q&A to maintain a seamless production.

Viewers will be able to see and hear the panel via the live stream. Whilst presentations are being viewed ‘as-live’, delegates will have the opportunity to submit questions via the chat facility or embedded Sli.do function underneath the stream window. The panel will be able to see these questions coming through live on this thread enabling them to respond and discuss. Alternatively, you may assign a moderator of your own to extract relevant questions to pass to the panel.

Registration & Per-Per-View

Security and ease of access for delegates is essential for any e-conference platform, there are numerous ways which delegates can be granted access to a specific Talking Slides portal - these include:

  • Self Registration
  • Open Registration
  • Pay-Per-View (available with tiered pricing)
  • Eventbrite Integration
  • Bulk Registration from details provided

Whatever means of registration is selected, all delegates will receive an e-mail and text confirming their personal log-on details directly from the platform.

Conference Rooms & Multi-Room Events

Your specific Talking portal can be a simple site with a single room or a more intense virtual conference involving numerous parallel & breakout rooms, exhibition, poster walks etc...

Delegates will be able to enter each ‘room’ from the home page of your event’s website. This can be made up of any required combination of main, parallel and/or breakout rooms. Rooms can be named as ‘topics’ instead if more suitable for the client on this platform.

When each room is entered, delegates will see the programme, watch the live stream and will be able to select the talks they wish to view on-demand.

Virtual Poster Area

A virtual poster area allows your delegates to browse, comment on and contact the authors of poster submissions, often seen at medical conferences or similar. This provides a digital outlet for organisers to include posters within their e-conference or virtual event.

This content includes a short biography of the author, a viewable and downloadable PDF of the poster itself, an author contact button and comments section. Posters can also be accompanied by a presentation video which we will record with the author should it be required.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition ‘room’ enables virtual exhibitors and sponsors to show product videos, digitally distribute marketing material, and even allow virtual delegates to interact with them instantly using a Zoom room.

Virtual delegates can enter the exhibition from a sponsor logo on the home page, direct links from any presentation, or navigating to it directly from the main menu.

This area can have many different looks, below is a popular option.

Each exhibitor/sponsor can benefit from any combination of:

  • Logo (hyperlinked to their own website)
  • Company Bio
  • Product Specific Paragraph
  • Company or Product Videos & Pictures
  • Contact Us/Call Back Button
  • Zoom Link to Live Rep

CPD Online Assessment Modules

CPD assessments can be applied to each presentation/e-conference allowing delegates to qualify for the relevant CPD points. Certificates can be downloaded directly from the e-conference website when they have successfully passed the assessment. Assessments are made up of multiple choice questions and the qualifying pass rate can be set at the desired rate, e.g. 50%, 70% etc.

We can also incorporate custom certificates. Simply provide us with a PDF template with space to generate each delegate’s name on this and we’ll take care of everything else!

Delegate Directory w/Linked-In & Twitter Handles

When your delegates register to the e-conference, they have the opportunity to opt-in to the Delegate Directory.

The Delegate Directory allows all of those attending to see who else has registered to the conference, presenting a valuable online networking opportunity.

Delegates who have opted in will appear in a searchable list on the e-conference platform, displaying their name, organisation and position. From this, delegates can get in with each other via a contact form, without revealing the recipient's email address until they choose to respond.

There is also the opportunity for delegates to include their LinkedIn and Twitter handles to expand their networks on these platforms.

Presentations On-Demand / ‘Catch Up TV For Your Conference’

Following your virtual conference, all presentations will be available on-demand on your Talking Slides conference hub. This will be the same website that the stream is viewed on live during the day(s) of your event.

Post-event viewers will be able to browse each event’s conference programme to select and watch presentation videos at their leisure. Each presentation video will then have their own comments section for delegates to leave comments. There can also be the opportunity to email each presenter directly with any questions.