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A unique conference recording and live streaming product

A unique conference recording and live streaming product, Talking Slides captures speaker content and creates customised websites in order to view live and recorded presentations.

  • Standard features include:
  • The Talking Slides Web App . - making it easier for you to download your customised event website to your phone and access content.
  • Capturing conference content - videoing presentations as they happen in HD.
  • Customised conference website - a branded website to view live and recorded content.
  • Sponsorship opportunities - sponsorship can be included throughout the website.
  • Multiple registration options - secure or simple website registration options for delegates.
  • Audience analytics - simple or detailed website audience analytics options.
  • Help page - each customised site comes with a help page so users can email our staff and the client for website support.
  • Quick and easy access to conference content - your event's customised website is live in just 10 days and can be viewed on all devices.


We help your conferences reach a wider audience

Talking Slides helps conferences reach a wider audience, whilst creating further opportunities for event sponsorship, learning, interaction and engagement.

There are a wide variety of add-on features for customised websites, depending on client requirements and budget.

  • Talking Slides Add on features include:
  • Pay-per-view - delegates have multiple purchase options to access conference speaker content.
  • Continued professional development (CPD) - apply CPD questions to individual talks and presentations.
  • Speaker biographies - add accompanying speaker biographies to presentations.
  • Live streaming - stream presentations to anyone with an internet connection.
  • Interactive Live Streaming - the option for live stream audiences to ask speaker questions.
  • Additional media options - PowerPoint presentations and other files can be viewed before, during and after your event.
  • Member grouping - option to purchase content to share within your organisation.


By using Talking Slides, you’ll easily increase the audience of your conferences by allowing those who did not attend to catch up online, whilst allowing delegates to watch all presentations back so they don’t miss a thing! Fun Fact: On average, delegates only retain 7% of information that they receive through presentations. Increase that to 100% with Talking Slides!