Christmas and Winter Themes for Gala Dinners and Award Ceremonies

So, the conference season is hotting up as the weather outside cools down.  Hopefully many delegates will have an award ceremony or gala dinner to look forward to after two or three days of talks and networking!  Choosing a theme can be a great way to make your event memorable and a way to reflect your conference message, theme or sector.  But to make a theme work you have to go all out and own it.  Your event theme will be an epic fail if it is done half-heartedly or if you have to explain it to your guests.

So, what themes should you choose for your gala dinner or award ceremony this winter?  Here we list a few of our ideas for your event …


1) Country House Winter Theme

A cosy and classy theme for your gala dinner or award ceremony.  This will be a real heart-warming, rustic theme that reflects the season and makes your guests feel all warm inside!

* Think open fires, wood panelling, red leather sofas and pictures of hunting scenes on the walls.

* Food will be country winter warmers like roast pheasant or rabbit stew.

* Waiters in tweed serving whiskey on ice, sherry and classic straight up drinks alongside cigars.

* Traditional country games like snooker tables/billiards or card tables for guests to enjoy.

*Jazz band or Swing singer as entertainment.

fire themed event

2) Red Hot/On fire Theme

Heat up your winter gala dinner or award ceremony with this fiery theme!

* Think of cooking on open flames and roasting marshmallows and chestnuts.

* Hire Flair bartenders who can breath fire (oh yes!).

* Think of fire jugglers and fire breathing circus performers.

* Flaming sambucas and fiery hot cocktails passed around on trays by waiting staff!

* Decor that includes lots of candle.

industrial christmas theme

3) Industrial Christmas Theme

A twist on the traditional Christmas theme, this would suit an industrial conference gala dinner or award ceremony!

* Think of decorations that include lots of cogs and metal stars/Christmas trees.

* Bare bulb fairy lights and scaffolding.

* Food that is quick and hearty – like hotdog stands and burger stalls, or canteen style and eaten on metal benches and long tables.

* Entertainment could include walkaround robots with Christmas hats!

Harry Potter Theme

4) Hogwarts Theme

This Theme is back, thanks to the new sell-out theatrical production.  It is also a timeless, magical winter theme for gala dinners and award ceremonies, as well as a firm favourite with many.

* Suspend ‘floating’ candles from the ceiling and use decor that makes your event space look like an old castle!

* Lots of broomsticks for guests to use for selfies and photos!

* Food served in cauldrons or perhaps edible mist.

* Tables that are named after the Hogwarts Houses and teachers.

* Waiting staff and walkaround characters who are dressed as witches and wizards.

gotham city event theme

5) Gotham City Theme

Comic book or film themes are always popular for event themes (think Marvel characters, The Great Gatsby, James Bond etc etc …).  DC characters and settings are as popular as ever, especially with the release of several films this year; Batman vs. Superman, Suicide Squad …  

* Lots of dark purple, red and blue lighting and decor.

* Black skyscrapers as backdrops.

* Burglars and shady characters handing out drinks and refreshments

* Smoke machines to create a dark, foggy atmosphere.

* Walkaround Batman, Bruce Wayne and other DC characters.