Choosing an AV Company for your Conference

After the venue, your AV supplier should be next on your list of conference priorities.  The quality of the sound and lighting could make or break your event.  What if the attendees can’t hear or see your speakers properly?  Getting the sound and lighting right for a conference is crucial to its success and choosing the right company who can deliver just what you need and who share your event vision can be difficult.  Google ‘AV supplier’ and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of choice.  Where do you start?  Here are a few points to consider when choosing the AV supplier for your next conference …


Good Advice

Your chosen AV supplier should advise you to make the most of what is on offer at the venue.  They should encourage conference planners to use what is made available at the conference venue, where a basic package is normally part of the room/venue hire.  Established conference venues normally offer a core AV package for free that includes a projector, laptop, small PA system and a couple of mics.  Your chosen AV company should only charge for what is needed above and beyond what you get free from the venue.  They will also suggest working alongside any in-house team, to ensure that you get the very best and most cost-efficient deal for your event.

Use The Grapevine

Do they come recommended?  If you have worked with big conference venues or other conference planners, can they recommend a reliable AV company who is also good value for money?  Most business, in any sector, comes through recommendation, so why should your AV supplier be any different?  If you can’t get anyone to recommend a supplier, check to see who your chosen audio visual company has worked with.  Are they well established and do they have an impressive list of previous clients?  Look for well known brands, venues or familiar conference planners.  Don’t be put off by names though.  Just because they have worked with a large venue or high profile brand, it doesn’t always mean that they are going to be expensive.  Get a quote and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Speak Plain English

Make sure you understand what they are providing.  Your AV supplier will be your technical experts, but that doesn’t mean that you should be left in the dark about what it is they are supplying.  They should make everything clear and help you every step of the way, giving you sound advice, saving you money and never selling you extras you don’t need!  They should never over complicate things with jargon or ‘techy’ speak.  They should spell everything out in a way that you understand.  You want a company who will help to guide you throughout the planning process, so that you feel confident and well equipped when it’s showtime!