September 22, 2023

The Future of Virtual & Hybrid Conferences: Trends to Watch in 2024

Virtual conferences have become a staple in today’s business landscape, driven by technological advancements and the ongoing global challenges that make online gatherings more practical. However, […]
September 12, 2023

Maximising Audience Engagement in Virtual Events: A Comprehensive Guide

As the virtual event landscape continues to evolve, one thing remains constant—the need for audience engagement. With an array of platforms and tools at your disposal, […]
September 5, 2023

Sustainability in Hybrid Events: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Planning

As event organisers, we’re often juggling multiple responsibilities—from ensuring a smooth user experience to hitting business objectives. However, it’s crucial that we don’t overlook another critical […]
August 24, 2023

The Future of Corporate Events: How Virtual and Hybrid Models Are Shaping the Industry

The landscape of corporate events has undergone a seismic shift in recent years, thanks in large part to advancements in technology. Where once the options for […]
August 21, 2023

Best Practices for Hybrid Events

Bridging the Physical and Virtual Realms The emergence of hybrid events, a combination of in-person and virtual experiences, has revolutionised the events industry. Whether it’s a […]
August 14, 2023

Virtual Event Metrics: How to Measure Success Effectively

In today’s digital age, hosting virtual events has become commonplace, bridging distances and connecting audiences from all corners of the globe. However, understanding the success of […]
August 7, 2023

The Art of Engaging Remote Audiences: Tactics for Maximising Participation in Virtual Events

In a world that has quickly pivoted towards a more virtual existence, the significance of engaging remote audiences effectively has never been greater. As an event […]
July 27, 2023

Behind the Scenes: Role of an Event Production Company in Shaping Successful Hybrid Events

Defining the Role of an Event Production Company An event production company is more than a service provider – it’s a partner, a problem-solver, and a […]
July 21, 2023

The Role of Event Tech in Driving Attendee Engagement at Hybrid Events

In the evolving landscape of corporate event planning, attendee engagement has emerged as a fundamental aspect of a successful hybrid event. With more and more companies […]

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