About Us

Talking Slides is a unique and cutting edge conference recording and live streaming product, which captures speaker content and creates customised websites in order to view live and recorded presentations. Talking Slides evolved as a subsidiary of ESW Solutions Ltd, who have been an audio visual supplier to the events industry for over 20 years. This product was developed in-house when clients wanted their conferences recorded and live streamed, with the content made available online.

The concept grew, to include customised websites that allowed speaker content to be accessed on-demand during and after the event, and in 2010…Talking Slides was born. The Talking Slides teams attend and record the event, work their magic back at HQ and create the custom branded website containing the final content for their clients to share.

Home-grown in Devon, Talking Slides quickly gained traction and have recorded and live streamed a whole range of events and meetings all over the UK, USA and Europe. Notably, whilst recording the AutoSens conference in Belgium last year, the British Ambassador was amazed by the product and requested a meeting with the team and pinned Talking Slides as a company for the UK to be proud of.

After 8 years in the industry, Talking Slides has cemented itself as an essential and standard feature for conferences and meetings across the globe.