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About us

The Event Professionals

'Mediview' is a well-established company who specialise in the recording and broadcasting of live medical and surgical procedures.

Our Experience

For Over 20 Years

We have produced, recorded and broadcast live medical cases for many years; we know and understand the intricacies and expectations of this unique broadcast discipline. We have worked in most areas of medicine, from neurosurgery to podiatry and just about everything in-between!

The Team

For Over 20 Years

Enthusiastic and knowledgeable broadcast and audiovisual technicians, using state of the art equipment, work together executing every project with passion and pride, ensuring consistent, top quality results.

Our History

Since 2000

Mediview is a product of ESW Solutions Ltd, a conference production company working throughout the UK and Europe since the 1990's we have gained a reputation for consistent, high-quality Audiovisual productions.

In addition to supplying broadcast services, we will be happy to discuss how we can help you with your conference requirements. Find out a little more about ESW Solutions here.

Tried, Trusted and Bespoke

1In Brief
We have spent many years perfecting our working practises and ensuring our equipment allows us to provide awesome HD video and quality echo-free audio, with minimal disruption to working surroundings.
1How We Do It
The heart of our system is 'Bertha'. Bertha is our custom-built production unit. She contains all that we need for a multi-feed HD production. Bertha simply needs to be situated in a space within 50 meters of the theatre/lab/room. In the theatre/lab/room of the procedure, we typically rig a remote overhead camera, complemented by a manned camera. We take feeds from multiple medical monitors as required and provide wireless 2-way headsets for echo-free audio. Our cameraman will be our only crew member in the theatre/lab/room. We understand that space is often at a premium, and for this reason, all production will be performed remotely from Bertha in our production area.
2The Production
We take such pride in our production. Everything is in full HD - the quality is stunning. Feeds can be displayed in a multi-window layout, full screen and even overlaid with titles if appropriate. Our producers are used to working within the medical environment; often, they work following their own instincts as to how the final mix should look. They are also happy to be guided, should a member of the medical team be available.

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