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Conference Recording and Streaming Specialists

Capturing your conference
is just the beginning...

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The Process...

WE attend
your conference

and record the content

WE work our magic

back at Talking Slides HQ
and produce your bespoke
website and mobile app.

WE provide

you with a web address that leads to your unique conference content.

YOU pass on

the web address that we give you to your clients so they can access your conference content

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Why Use Talking Slides?


Talking Slides offers a unique
conference recording and
website creation service.

We offer...

Sharing your conference
message is as simple as
passing on a web address.


Talking Slides make conferences
more inclusive and increases
audience engagement.


Conference speaker
content is accessible
across all platforms.

Increase ROI

Talking Slides
increases sponsorship

We respond

Our professional team
respond quickly and efficiently
to client requirements.

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At Talking Slides we’ve broadcast and recorded conferences from all over the world and we like to (pardon the pun) broadcast it!